Discretionary Time – Our Most Valuable Commodity

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Like most business owners, I started my own business for one reason.  In 2007 I started this firm to provide myself and my family with the freedom to live on our own schedules.

I feel that most of us have lost that vision.  Every business owner I speak to has the same mindset, they feel the need to work 80 hour weeks and slave day in and day out in order to maintain a successful business.  Let me ask all of you a question:

Isn’t this the reason you quit your job in the first place?

At this point, all you have done is replace one taskmaster for another.  Please do not be a slave to your business.

Time is the most precious commodity any of us have.  Money?  Money is everywhere.  Money is easy.  Time on the other hand?  No matter how much work you put into your business, no matter how much money you make, you will NEVER change the fact that there are only 24 hours in a day.

Stop focusing on how hard you work, and start focusing on how smart you work.  Hire the right employees, focus on the right clients.  

I am sure everyone is familiar with the 80 / 20 rule.  80% of your success in business comes from 20% of your work.  Find out what that 20% is, stop focusing on the 80% that is sucking away at your life.  What made you successful in the first place?  What drives you?  THAT is where true success and freedom can be found.



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